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Disney Zootropolis Operation Red Wood Story Pack


Recreate scenes from Zootropolis with the Zootropolis Operation Red Wood Story Pack! Trouble comes in all sizes on the streets of Disney’s Zootropolis, a city like nothing you’ve ever seen be-fur! Nick's at it again with his scams. Includes 5 characters to play out your favourite scenes from Zootropolis.
  • Collect all of the Zootropolis Character Pack Figures and Vehicles so you can recreate the scenes from Zootropolis!
  • All the pieces are in scale with the Zootropolis Character Pack Figures.
  • Contents: 1 poseable Nick figure, 1 poseable Ele-Finnick figure, 1 poseable Jerry Jumbeaux, Jr. figure, 2 construction worker mice figures, 1 mouse sized pick-up truck, 1 Jumbo Pop

Suitable for ages 3+