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Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Ranger Gold Ptera Morpher Battle Gear


Product Description

Includes: 2 Dino Chargers and Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher

Insert Dino Chargers to activate light and sounds

Recognises different dino chargers for unique sounds

40+ Dino Chargers available throughout the year

Light & sounds from the TV series

Dimensions: 7.5L X 23W X 13H cm

Batteries required: 3 x LR44 (included)

Be just like the Dino Charge Power Rangers with the all-new deluxe dino charge morpher. Simply press the trigger to unleash cool L.E.D light effects and over 25 battle sounds. Unlock even more unique sounds by inserting a dino charger and then spin the barrel to charge it up. The Morpher can identify over 40 dino chargers and once inserted will announce the name of the dinosaur as well as the ranger it belongs to, just like in the show. You can even combine the morpher with the deluxe dino saber to make the Dino Cannon. With the Power Rangers Dino Charge Scanner App you can scan your Dino Chargers to morph into your favourite Ranger!